Congratulations on Your Upcoming Wedding!

Are you looking to have the best time celebrating your big day whilst still capturing the most stunning memories? If the answer is ‘YES’, then you are in the right place!

Wedding and Engagement Photography


I've been capturing weddings with a fun, relaxed, and natural approach for the past few years, ensuring my clients fully enjoy their special day and take away the best memories.

This is one of the most important days of your life, and I want you to know that I'll be there, not only as your photographer but also as your Audiovisual Filmmaker, to document those beautiful, natural, and heartfelt moments as they unfold.

I'll also be there to provide guidance when needed. Most importantly, I'll always listen to you and make sure your expectations come to life."

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From the initial consultation through the delivery of your cherished photos and professional video, my mission is to ensure your comfort and confidence in capturing your wedding as you've always dreamt.

I'll craft a photographic timeline and visual references based on your insights, guiding us seamlessly through your special day. If you wish, we can meet in person or explore the location to discover the finest photo and professional video opportunities.

Wedding planning can be overwhelming, but I'm dedicated to making the photography and professional video aspects 100% stress-free for you

Wedding and Engagement Photography


The pricing for my wedding packages is tailored to your specific needs and the scope of work. I understand that every wedding is unique, and that's why I've crafted flexible packages to accommodate your budget.

Let's connect and discuss your preferences.


I don’t know how to pose for photos. Will you help me? I don’t want to look awkward.

Of course! Most of my clients feel the same and I am here for you. I will guide you when you need me and will capture the natural and spontaneous moments when they occur as well. I will make sure that you feel so comfortable that you won’t even notice that the camera is there.

Do you charge any travel fees?     

I don’t charge travel fees within 2 hours of Houston.  

Do you shoot intimate weddings?

After 2020, intimate weddings became a huge part of my work. Whether you want a small & elegant ceremony with your closest friends and family or a big & luxurious wedding, I got you covered.

How can we receive our photos?

I deliver all of the photos by email through an online gallery. You can download the photos at any time from your computer or your mobile phone. 

Do you offer printed Wedding Albums?

Glad that you asked. The answer is a BIG “YES”. 



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