Hello everyone! I’m Charlie, a passionate Audiovisual Filmmaker based in Houston. Let me share a bit about myself:

My journey into the world of audiovisual storytelling, encompassing both photography and video, started with my dad’s camcorders and later progressed with the cameras on my first cell phones. I was born in Santiago de Cali, Colombia, and my love for capturing enduring memories ignited during my formative years.

I hold a degree in Systems Engineering and have accumulated years of experience in various international companies. However, deep within, I craved something more than the daily office routine. So, armed with a Nikon D3500 ASP-C camera and a backpack brimming with dreams, I embarked on a global adventure.

I explored over five countries, immersing myself in diverse cultures, landscapes, and natural wonders. To fund my travels, I worked remotely as an engineer and sold my photos to hotels, tourists, and travel agencies. After years of absorbing the richness of different cultures, I discovered a new home in Houston, where my family now resides.

But enough about me; let’s shift the focus to you and how I can turn your ideas into reality by merging engineering, innovation, and the art of high-quality photography and video


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